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LitLifeFrance is an online community celebrating French culture, language and literature. We meet online in courses and/or in person on one-week trips to France, all guided by an experienced college French professor.


Deepen your French knowledge with a fun, online mini-course exploring culture, language and literature. All courses taught in English.

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Enjoy a full week of authentic curated travel experiences in France as part of a small group with your teacher as a guide.

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Join our community of Francofriends and stay in touch via blog and our quarterly enewsletter.

Read the blog Pont Neuf at Dawn, photographed by Jeff Kraft October 2023 Notre Dame & sreetlamp cast in blue by bright sky, photographed by Jeff Kraft A buttered baguette and cappucinos for two on a table, photographed by Jeff Kraft

Meet Jeff Kraft, your Professeur & Gentil Organisateur

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PGO” is a fun way of saying I’m an easygoing teacher and guide. I’ve lived in, worked in and traveled to France more than 30 times. I have been teaching college-level French language and culture for over a decade. I’m also the author of Literary Paris, a book of photography and travel essays.

LitLifeFrance offers new ways for you to enjoy all things French. Enjoy 'insider access' to the culture and the country as you prepare to enjoy and celebrate unforgettable, one-week travel experiences!

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All photography by Jeff Kraft